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Washington (AP) - Vice President Dick Cheney warmed Wednesday that the United States must generate more of its own energy or the country risks power shortages like those in California, but on a national scale.

Cheney cited estimates that the United States will need 1,300 new power plants over the next 20 years - roughly 65 each year to have adequate generating capacity. Plus, he said those plants will need other infrastructure, such as a means of obtaining the coal or gas and transmission lines.

"Our infrastructure in the energy area is very limited." Cheney told MSNBC's "Hardball." "It's very important we get on with this business of making certain we've got enough energy in the future or we will find that the problems in California today are in fact national in scope and affect all parts of the country."

As it is, Cheney said, California's problems are spreading into surrounding states partly because of a Clinton administration order for utilities in those states to sell power to California. "We've got some serious problems there." Cheney Said.

"We've got to find ways to either increase the supply of energy or reduce the demand for energy. This is not something we got into overnight, and we're not going to get of it overnight."

Cheney, chairman of the president's energy task force, was echoing concerns voiced earlier this week by Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, who said to failure to address energy supply problems stands to threaten economic prosperity and even national security.

The vice president said the task force's recommendations would focus on long-term solutions, but an important part will focus on the environment.

"In many cases, in recent years, we've had an approach that isn't balanced because it's been so easy to stop projects," Cheney said. "Nobody wants to be able to see a transmission line from their front yard. Nobody wants a gas pipeline through their community. Nobody wants a power plant in their countyƒ.it's going to be very important that we change the circumstances if we're going to move forward."

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United States Energy Association

An invitation has been offered to those members of the United States Energy Association (whose members we were able to locate) to visit the website for review and comment primarily on the "Ten Reasons why this Project should move forward". As stated in the cover letter, this system could be constructed in less than two months; the related advantages which are discussed on the website.

Current Activities

  1. The identification of qualified individuals with an in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of the energy industry.

  2. Continued promotion of the (Thrust) concept for the purpose of increased wide spread visibility through participation in workshops, conferences, related technical journals and the acceptance of all invitations from government agencies, corporations, academic institutions and other entities that might have an interest in the development and implementation of the concept.

  3. Interfacing and working with other participants in the "National Transmission Grid Study" for the purpose of identifying areas Wherein the implementation of this concept would be of benefit to the National Transmission Grid.

  4. Developing an interface with various architects, engineering firms and construction companies that would become an integral part of the launching of this concept as functioning element of the National Transmission Grid.


If you see where a Thrust system can be used to augment an existing power plant, clear up a transmission bottleneck or serve in other applications, allow us to make a detail system analysis study of your requirements, (For the purpose of determining an efficiency index), custom design, engineer and construct (install) a system for your specific an unique requirements.


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