"These proposed generator options assume each generator to be 'Multipole Generators', preferably of the type currently available that are hydrogen cooled. The rotational speed of the 'Reaction Force Rotation Unit' (Click Here) is directly related to the number of poles on the rotor of each generator. The more poles on the multi pole generator combinations will reduce the required speed of the rotational speed required of the Reaction Force Rotation Unit.

R (Speed of rotation (RPM’s) of each of the multipole generators) = (f X 120)/N

Where N is the number of poles of a generator, and f is the frequency (60 cycles per second for the United States)
This Inverse relationship shows that as N is increased, R is decreased.

The optimum relationship between the values of N and R and the number of multi pole generators required to produce 60 cycles per second of current will require empirical study following a computer simulation. The requirement is that a pair of North South poles from either of the generators cut through a magnetic line of force 60 times per second to generate 60 cycle current and tie directly into the power grid thereby avoiding the use of batteries or other interim equipment. The required combination of poles from the specific set of multi pole generators will be controlled by a computer driven Programmable Logic controller (PLC).

The start up and rotation of the generators will be controlled by the incorporation of off the shelf or specifically designed transmission units for proper synchronization and optimum rotation torque and speed of the the Reaction Force Rotation Unit.
As a point of reference Roll A Coasters found in recreational parks average 100 miles per hour.

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