The hurricanes Irma, Maria, Jose suggest conditions that would benefit from (The New Architecture) The Thrust Architecture; The fastest way to construct a utility plant that is upward scalable and or in combination Fast Multiple units (Click Here)

Courtesy of Business Insider (Click Here)

U.S. Government Patent "Thrust Reaction Utilization Method and System" (Click Here)

Awarded August 13, 2013.

"As a 30 year veteran of NASA, please allow me to say that the THRUST Concept  is straight
 forward in both development and construction. After all, it is not like the system has to be constructed in space 100 miles in orbit, but rather fixed ground based construction"

Hydrogen Utility Plants

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While hydrogen (Energy Carrier) is discussed through out this web site, we are actually promoting the Thrust Architecture which can accommodate a variety of fuels ( Biofuels, Jet Fuel, Alcohol, Liquid Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and future synthetic fuels). The only requirement to change out a fuel that is economically advantageous is to change out the engines and modify air intake.

"Existing turbojet engines can be easily adapted to use hydrogen"

Technology Proven 1957 (See Item 7)

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