Thermal Considerations

The THRUST architecture embraces both the  Brayton Cycle and its relationships, viz, very carefully increased compressor pressure ratios and the like and the Rankine Cycle and its related efficiencies in terms of plant age, type of coal, fuel used and the like, but have elected not to discuss these issues; the effects of which are well documented in the literature in terms of common knowledge and the fear that such discussions would detract from the
overall concept for which we are proposing. This combination is more direct when interfaced with the Efficiency Enhancement add-on unit (Click Here).

The audience to which this web site is directed will without hesitation understand the key parameters that influence the amount of  heat  transferred to the water jacket , viz  the heat transfer coefficient, the size and type of engines, fuel used, the volume of the combustion chamber that is the integral part the THRUST unit and of course  the external ambient environment.

The reader will be quick to realize that the following section is only an example based upon the parameters stated. (Click Here).